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Feronia Inc. was founded in March 2008 to pursue a vision for large-scale sustainable agriculture in Africa.

Feronia PHC
In September 2009 Feronia acquired the historic company Plantations Huileries du Congo ("PHC"), now known as Feronia PHC, from Unilever Plc. PHC commenced operations in 1911 and is one of the oldest institutions and largest private sector employers in Africa. Feronia PHC manages one of the continent's largest plantation operations and strives to be a world leader in terms of production, environmental management and employee satisfaction.




In 1911 Lever Brother's commenced plantation operations in The Congo Free State as "HCB" or Huileries du Congo Belge et Leverville. HCB survived various transformations but remained a fixture in the Congo as it transitioned to Belgian rule and in 1960 to Independence. In 1971 the company changed its name to Plantations Lever au Zaire or "PLZ" as it is still commonly known as the country changed its name to République du Zaire. In 1997 as Zaire became the Democratic Republic of Congo, the company again changed its name to Plantations et Huileries du Congo Sarl or "PHC". In September 2009, controlling ownership was sold by Unilever NV to Feronia Inc. It is now known as Feronia PHC.

For a century, PHC and its predecessor companies have been among the largest employers in the Congo supplying edible oils and other essential agricultural products to the local and international markets. As part of Feronia Inc. it is being reinvigorated with new capital investment and a vision to see PHC restored to a position of prominence among plantations companies globally.

In September 2010 Feronia listed its shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange to facilitate its access to capital markets to finance the growth of its business. With its public listing, Feronia Inc. achieved several important firsts becoming both the first African agri-business and the first palm oil producer listed on a North American Stock Exchange.

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Réception au département des recherches de Yaligimba.année 1964.

Ancien des PLC département des recherches à Yaligimba. J'étais aussi à 
 Gwaka en 1965 où je logeais avec Ernest Mariault à BIBI (resté là 3 
mois) avant de réoccuper les recherches à Yaligimba avec Ernest 
Christiane, Lipscomb et Buidin. J'ai connu Carfantan, Salvo, Baisier 
 qui habitait aussi une maison à BIBI et d'autres que je rencontrais au 

Source texte et Photo Monsieur Ergo,reçue par mail.

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